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I earned my BSc (Hons) Geology from the University of Edinburgh then went on to gain an MRes in Heritage Science from University College London. In my MRes research I used social science techniques to understand the perceived value (i.e. educational, historical, uniqueness…) of geological collections in museums. These insights were used to improve collections care in museums, but also to enhance my understanding of how people relate to science – knowledge useful when engaging audiences in science education.

In the past five years I have also worked as a science communication and outreach officer for Our Dynamic Earth science centre, the Scottish Earth Science Education Forum and Exscitec as well as volunteering for Rockwatch (the club for young geologists) and holding the communications officer post on the national committee for Geology for Global Development. I have also worked at University College London as a research assistant in pedagogy and student experience, a role that was incredibly useful in developing my knowledge of teaching and learning research and engagement.

I am now the education officer at the European Geosciences Union based in Munich. My job involves developing the EGU’s educational strategy in lots of exciting ways!

To contact me tweet at me @JLizRob, email janeliz.robb [at] gmail.com or contact me at the EGU using robb [at] egu.eu.


6 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. Dear Jane, sorry this is not a comment but a question (I’m an oldie and I don’t know how to twitter). Can you tell me whether Russell’s collection includes anything from Surrey. I’ve often thought what a challenge it would be to produce of ‘Mineralogy’ of the county.

  2. Gorgeous gal who has a brain and plays video games. I’m smitten lol ! Keep doing amazing things and sharing your love of geology, heritage, sciences, and above all fantasy! 🙂

  3. It is always a pleasure to visit a website maintained by a Geologist. I myself is an undergrad. Hope you are enjoying your job as a Geologist.

    All the best.

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