6 thoughts on “How teaching science through video games can engage new audiences

  1. What a great achievement! Cloud 9 stuff! As a non-gamer (well, not since pong) thanks for the youtube link so I can see what Skyrim is all about, very impressive indeed, I can see how one can become hooked on the geology of the place… and those woolly mammoths!! I look forward to seeing it develop and see what other proposals come out of it!

    • Hi Bob, I’m glad you liked the video! It was actually my boyfriend that made the video and the voice over. I am also really happy to see that you, as someone who is not familiar with modern video games you can see that they can also be beautiful and fun. I think this is great, as games tend to get bad press, but there are lots of great ones out there that make a lot of people happy and can be used in other ways I.e. educational. 🙂

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