UPDATE: ‘Creationism and Geological History: What Do They Have in Common?’

In response to the post I wrote on creationism and geological history here, I would like to update those of you interested in the petition for removal of the creationist interpretation by the National Trust at the Giant’s Causeway.

This month’s Geoscientist emphasises the importance that everyone is free to believe what they wish, but this does not imply that respected institutions and organisations with their own stance (made public via their mission statements) on wide ranging issues should have to accommodate for those who do not agree. Free speech and belief also means that those organisations are free to stand up for what they think is right as well, without succumbing to pressure from other sources. I was glad to see that this was picked up by Geoscientist and it’s good to see the wider geological community reacting to this type of issue.

This article published in late July indicates that the National Trust has decided to review the interpretation, to ensure there is ‘absolute clarity’ that there is no debate in the age of the rocks there. However, later in the article the National Trust supposedly noted their intention as there to “provide visitors with a flavour of the wide range of opinions and views — not to promote or legitimise any of these views”. I personally think this is still ridiculous, because they certainly should be legitimising the fact that the scientific facts are there to prove that these rocks are much more than 6,000 years old. The statement is also in contention with how they would like to ensure there is absolute clarity about the age of the rocks.

I for one am in agreement with Geoscientist when they say that they would congratulate the Trust in agreeing to review the interpretation, but  there is too much disappointment in the fact that this situation has arisen in the first place.


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