Into the Heart of Buda–Continued

My last post was about the Labyrinths of Budavar and they mystery surrounding their formation and current state of management. I have had a few replies from reader since the post which may provide some answers and would like to discuss them here.

The Budavari labyrinths themselves have a webpage and a Facebook page, on which some comments suggest that the caves are still open. Another Hungarian who replied indicated that she thought the caves were still open as well. However, the English Facebook page does not indicate any current opening. The official site for the labyrinth does note on their front page however to look out for counterfeits, and maybe this is what we stumbled into. It may also be what the people were reviewing on the second comment down on TripAdvisor, talking about the labyrinth.

I still don’t know whether we went into the original caves or a counterfeit, and there does seem to be controversy where Hungarian’s think they are still open but English sites don’t appear to acknowledge this.

As far as the geology is concerned I have not gotten much further in my search either, however a fellow blogger offered a book on the subject that unfortunately is not readily available online and only in the BGS bookshops.

The same blogger made a good point about the counterfeit caves:

Imitation caves sounds great….a great preservation strategy for the original caves… I thought you might approve of this use of surrogates on conservation grounds.

Where my response focused on a few issues with the idea of these:

Imitations I think are in principal good for preservation, however in this case there are a couple of issues:
1) If they are imitation then they should be classed openly as such and not lead tourists (like us!) to believe they might be the real thing.
2) The castle district is a World Heritage Site and if there are ‘imitation’ caves made in the rocks then this is a serious UNESCO violation and I am sure will be illegal.

Unfortunately my answers here still shed little light on the matter, but brought up some interesting points and thank you for those who offered their assistance!


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